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Championing Conservative Values, Defending Freedom

Welcome to the official website of Derek Myers, your conservative candidate for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District in the upcoming 2024 election!

Derek Myers, a fearless conservative, is now taking his fight for truth, transparency, and conservative principles to the political stage. With a proven track record of exposing corruption and defending freedom of speech, Derek is committed to bringing these values to the forefront of Ohio's 2nd Congressional District.


Why Derek Myers?

  • Proven Integrity: Derek's relentless pursuit of truth sets the foundation for his commitment to integrity and transparency in politics.

  • Conservative Vision: Embracing core conservative principles, Derek focuses on strengthening local economies, supporting law enforcement, and safeguarding constitutional rights. God is real; parents should be in charge of their children's education; there are only two genders; the U.S. Constitution and the Bible are the greatest governing documents.

  • March 19, 2024 - Save the Date: Join us in supporting Derek Myers in the Republican primary on March 19, 2024. Your vote will make a difference in shaping the future of Ohio's 2nd Congressional District.

Explore Derek's vision, track record, and the issues that matter most to you. Join the movement for a stronger, more prosperous Ohio by supporting Derek Myers for Congress.

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